Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cruising Around Craigslist

I love cruising around Craigslist's free section.
Today I saw this posting ...
So, of course I HAD to go and check it out.
Luckily, hubs was out : )
I knew I was grabbing whatever that lil' table was
(as long as it was in decent condition).
After digging around this is what I came home with.
Yup, the lil' table and a not so pretty chair but,
it's lines are interesting ... don't ya think?
Notice the super sexy gold trim ...
Oh yeah, that's hot !!!
I think this lil' guy is gonna be white with a chalkboard top ...
or maybe all red.
What do you think?
I opened the drawer and look-y at what I get to clean out ...
I am a lil' concerned about the bottom.
I think it might need to be completely replaced.
My other concern is the foot. 
Not quit sure how to fix it so it matches the other 3. 
The front "toe" is broken off : (
Any suggestions?
So, these will be my challenges for the new year : )
Can't wait. I know they will take some work
but I think they will be beautiful when I'm done.
Thank you Craigslist : )
Thanks for stopping by ~


Pam said...

The only thing I can think of for the leg problem is sawing the other ones off too. You can't beat the free section on CL. My husband is ready to bar me from it though because my garage is starting to look like an episode of The Hoarders.

Catherine MUA said...

I really like the chair. I would love to see then when you fix then. :-)