Monday, February 14, 2011

13 Years Ago ... There Were 2 Who Became 1

13 years ago today I said,
"I DO"
to my best friend.
 I could never imagine my life without him.
Thank you Roland for always having my back.
For staying with me through all the bad times
and making all the good times amazing.
You're the only person I could see myself with.
I am so thankful to call myself your wife.
Here's to the rest of our lives ...
Happy Anniversary
I love you : )


Kate said...

Love it Love it!!!! Happy Valentine's Day Deanna


Irma@CosasBellas said...

Hi Deanna, my husband and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary on Jan 2nd. I too married my best friend and fall deeper in love with him on a daily basis. We are truly blessed.

Take care,