Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Enlarging an Image Technique

I want to first start this by saying a HUGE thank you for all the comments
 I received on my last post. I fell in love with that lil' table
 and I'm sadden to say, it hasn't sold yet - but it will : )
 Ok, the reason for today's post ...
 I had SO many questions asking to show just how I enlarge my images.
 I start by picking an image.
 I usually find TONS from my favorite site
 Graphics Fairy but I have also
 found images in blogland that I love.
 Shoot any image will work really.
 I copy the image to my desktop.
Yes, that's my desktop. It's a picture I took at the last Yankee
 game I went to. Makes me smile : )
Here's the image tho ...
 Then I open my Photoshop Elements 6 program.
I'm not sure how to do it in another program, sorry.
 I then go to File at the top, then New, then Blank File
 this is where you tell Photoshop the size you need your canvas to be.
And yes, I'm on a Mac. I don't know what to do on a PC : (
 Once you click on blank file, you will get a screen like this

 See where it says "pixels" you want to change that to "inches"
And make the size whatever your canvas needs to be.
 So, if I'm working on a board that is 12X36"
 I would make it
 And I'll get a screen that looks like this
Here's where the fun begins ...
 Next you go to File then scroll down to Place
 You will then see this, which is where you will choose 
the image you have saved
Click Place and your next screen will look like ...
Stretch the image to fit the box.
Don't worry that the image is blurry.
 As soon as you hit the green check it is crisp again.
 See ...
 Now, the tricky part ... printing.
 This seems to be the hard part for some.
 All I do is copy and paste ... lettme' show ya how.
 Since the image is 12x36" and most printers
 print at 8.5x11" I will have to do some math.
 With this image I would use the rulers at 
the top and bottom of the image
 and using the rectangular marquee tool
I will put my pointer in the far left upper corner of the image
I made a box 6x10" by pulling the pointer down.
 Then I go up to Edit and click on Copy
 I then go back to File, New, Blank File again
 This time I DON'T change the size AT ALL
 I just click OK
 This is the exact size of the copy you previously "copied"
I then go back up to edit and click Paste
 You will notice how much bigger it is ... 
that's because the original image is only at 25% and
 the image you just pasted is at 100%
I continue the copy paste by going next to where I left off just
 clicking the original image 1 time
 Then the process starts all over again until the whole image is done.
 Then after I'm finished I print everything and tape
 it all together. You'll find you may have to go in a
 tweek a print (or 2) which has happen to me
 But, I find this technique VERY VERY helpful.
 If, you don't have Photoshop, or a program like it,
 you can take an image to a office supply store
 like Office Max or even Kinkos and they will 
enlarge it for you to the size you need.
 Hope my tutorial helped you. 
I wasn't sure how I was going to do it but I told ya 
 EXACTLY like I do it.
 Now, you know ALL my secrets ; )


houtz said...

Thanks for sharing how to enlarge an image. This seems easier than some of the other methods I've read about. It think I'll give your method a try.

Sylvia said...

Thank you, thank you, I just tried this in CS5 and it worked like a charm! I got ahead of myself because now I need to work on my


Connie @ Sensible-Redesign said...

Thanks for the info. It is so nice of you to share. We can all use the help of someone who has been there and done that!

gail said...

I clicked over from your table post, thinking Oh, maybe she enlarges like I do. WRONG! I could never do this! hahaha I'll stick with my easy peasy way. I'm glad you have a good way to do it too!

mvdakker said...

I read your post on how to enlarge an image. I may have a idea that you could use- but I'm not sure it works in elements.
When you have Photoshop you can use slices. When saving for web and devices you get to save all those parts of the image (those you 'sliced')in one go. You can choose to automatically divide the image in even pieces or draw them yourself.(to your paper format)
For some background on this:

Romeo said...

Thanks for the post, you saved my live!

Regards from the Balearic Islands :-)

Unknown said...

The only way I could figure out how to do this on my own was to use an online website that makes posters which consist of several pages. The one I used was called the rasterbator. You can set it to make any size and it makes a pdf for you of each page section which you can then print out and copy onto your item. I used it to make large sectioned pictures for my wall tho.

Kitty Nikolai said...

You can "tile" your pages in Photoshop when you print, it will automatically divide the printouts evenly, then you just need to put them together. I think for some projects I'll just go to Kinko's and pay to have the poster size printed. Fun stuff!!