Tuesday, September 13, 2011

From Chaos to Calm

I had this beautiful curio cabinet now for about 5 years.
 I bought it to house
 all of my husband's, brace yourself,
 Godzilla and Dinosaur toys.
 Yep, a $375 curio cabinet just for plastic toys.
I have decorated the top of it for Christmas
But, as you can see, it looks like a MESS
and it just seemed like it didn't "fit" in our house
 if that makes any kind of sense.
It was about time for a change.
 So, I'm selling it.
 And, I've moved in one of my favs ...
Ahhhh, so much better.
Can't wait to decorate her for the Holidays : )


Mel @ junkinjunky.blogspot.com/ said...

It really is a fantastic cabinet, too bad it has to go.

Where on earth is your hubby going to put his collection? lol

corner curio cabinet said...

Gorgeous! I love this fantastic cabinet.