Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Sleek Upgrade & My First Palette Project

Good Morning, all you beautiful people.
I have been a lil' MIA lately but I've been a lil' busy.
 In the past couple weeks I had a garage sale,
 which I did VERY well, 
 my oldest daughter moved back home
 and I found out that I'm going to be a grandma
 for the first time.
 So, I've been trying to turn our office into a bedroom.
 I think I will have to tackle it head on after Christmas.
 I've also been trying to paint.
 Do you remember this monster tv?
 Well, we upgraded : )
Do you see in the reflection where I need to paint the wall?
 Those are hole patches, lol.
Oh yeah, see the light next to the tv?
 I picked it up at a garage sale for $2. They sell it at Home Depot for $33.
 I wired it so it's not hard wired, it plugs in.
 The piece coming down holds the cord. It's a small plastic tube that 
 I spray painted to match the lamp. It looks SO good at night
 and doesn't reflect off the tv.
I like it so much better.
 I also wanted to share with you something cool I made.
 Yep, I jumped on the palette bandwagon.
 I picked up one of these goodies a couple weeks ago.
 Let me tell ya, I drive a Miata convertable
 and I had this puppy on top with the top down
so, yeah I look like Sanford, lol.
 I originally picked it up to use as a seat for a bench I'm making
 but I thought I would make a shelf first instead.
 You can actually see where I removed part of the top and a board.
 This is what I made ...

 I really like the natural look of it.
Oh, do ya notice the antlers?
 I was SO excited that I was able to pick those up while garage sale-ing
 this past Saturday for, get this, $.25. 
 My husband thought I had flipped my lid.
I love em' tho : )
Notice the stamp ...
 I think decorating it for Christmas will be fun.
So, have you made anything from a palette yet?
 I have a feeling I'm gonna be picking up a few more.


Junky Vagabond said...

Been drooling over all the palette projects! I'm pinning this one to my To-Do list!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love that and love the whole vignette and the table and the baskets underneath. Well, all of it.

Stuff and Nonsense said...

you have a lovely space
and now even more so
with the addition of that sweet
little palette shelf

thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!


Redo 101 said...

I pinned your awesome palette shelf to my Pinterest, I love it! My niece wants to make one, so I'm on the lookout for a palette - I've seen some lying around at businesses and I'm going to ask this week ... Thanks for sharing the beauty!


lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

cute little shelf and it looks great where you have it displayed.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I love what you made with the palette! The entire vignette is beautiful. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.

Stuff and Nonsense said...

just a note to let you know
that i'm featuring your post
on this week's fridays unfolded

happy Thanksgiving!


Sarah said...

This looks lovely. You are very clever. I hope Debbie sees this. I'm going to send her this link.
Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah
I'm now following.

Dusty Coyote said...

This is so pretty. I love your style! I have my dad's wooden shoe forms on top of my bookshelves.

gail said...

Deanna! great post! I love your palette shelf and your new t.v.!!
Everything looks fabulous!
ps catching you this week

Layn @ said...

Congrats on becoming a Grandmother. This was an awesome post. The shelf came out awesome. Love your decorating. The light next to the tv is so cute. Love it all!