Monday, March 26, 2012

This Weekend's Junkin' Finds #8

Howdy howdy howdy ....

How you been? I had to take a lil' hiatus last week. I was in babysitting mode.

Lil' Leo is now 4 weeks old. 1 month. 31 days ... already.
Boy time FLIES !!!

I DID junk last weekend but never really got the chance to post about what I found so, I thought I would combine last week's with this past weekend's finds ...

Here's some of the goodies from last weekend

My favorites would have to be, well just about everything.

There's this cool cage top that I'm gonna use as a basket. It's HUGE. Picked it up for $3.

A few vintage maps of San Francisco  $.25 a piece

A couple primitive piece from France. $7 for both

And lastly, my first locker basket. I found it at the Salvage yard for $15 which was 
more than I would have liked to spend but it's pretty damn awesome

Oh by the way, did you know that ACE stores were giving away a sample of their new paint
Clark + Kensington?

It's a flat but if you're into making your own chalk paint it's a great deal
AND it's a paint + primer ... soooo : )

I picked up some Vanilla Latte'. FREE !!!

Here's what I found this past weekend ...

TONS of goodies ...
First off, there was this antique wooden frame from Germany for $2 
and a basket for $.50.

Some antique copper bathroom fixtures $10 for all 4
 and a enamel white bowl for free, my favorite price.

 A couple English ironstone plates, $.50 a piece

Some vintage dishtowels & linens all for $5

 A pair of vintage embroidered pillow cases for $.50. The embroidery is beautifully done
and 4 burlap place mats from Pier 1 for $1.

An AMAZING primative pine game table for $25

  A few leather covered bibles for free. The top one's in German, which I adore.

A mold for $.10

 3 Dundee jars for $10. I've wanted 1 of these FOREVER and now I have 3 : )

I picked up this floor lamp for free ... again the BEST price EVA!!!!

 Lastly, I picked up this hardback for $1. Love a good deal on books.

  Sorry for all the pictures but I wanted to show ya what I've found these past couple weeks.

Oh, and I wanted to show ya something I found at Goodwill yesterday. If I had a truck it would be sitting in my house. It had a sticker on the back that looked like it came from Russia. They had $89.99 on it. It was a BIG piece and REALLY well made. Ahhhh, LUV!!!
The Hubby said it was a good thing we DIDN'T have a truck, lol.

 How bout' you? Did ya find anything cool?

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Anne said...

What a little sweetheart.Love that photo.And what a haul on great finds!!I found an awesome old door.You can see it on my blog.I am lovin it.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Goodness!!! I want to "junk" where you do! I never seem to find treasure like that -- love the cage and crate! Oh and the linens . . . beautiful!!

chateau chic said...

Amazing finds for almost nothing! Way to go.
Mary Alice

Ivy and Elephants said...

Oh, I don't have truck, but I fold down every seat and become a hauling fool! That chest is gorgeous! Please post later and tell me you got it!!!
Fabulous finds, those bath fixtures are fantastic! Thanks for linking!

Mimi said...

You found lots of great stuff. My last find was a distressed looking picture of a rose. Probably was new about cost $4.99 and ahem, I am a florist.