Monday, April 30, 2012

I've Been a Busy Busy Girl

Wow, have I been a busy girl.

Saturday was my bi-annual community garage sale
 and like every other time I spent the past 3 weeks just getting ready.
Although I didn't get pictures of the actual sale (I was out at 6am setting up and slammed by 7)
I DID get what my garage looked like before. TONS of stuff was set up down my driveway.

I was shocked that I had 15 pieces of furniture sold by 7:45am.
 I had regulars coming as my first customers and met/made future customers.
By the time I closed at 1 I only had 2 pieces of furniture (a side table and wooden filing cabinet) left
with very LITTLE of anything else.

After the garage sale I went and had my hair cut. It had been 2 years since it had been touched
and I LOVE the way it turned out.
It's a nice thing to have your hairdresser tell you that you have
strong healthy hair : )
Watch out Tawny Kitaen .... LOL.

Then I had a wonderful lunch with my best friend Chris. 
We had amazing burgers and truffle fries at Libby's .... YUM !!!!

I wanted to show you what I was working on today ... Ya know I can't sit still : )
My spare bathroom has been a disaster for awhile. I patched the holes sometime
ago and waited till inspiration hit me.
Scary isn't it?

While cruising around Pinterest I found what I wanted from the amazing

 I knew it wouldn't be exact but it was the feel that I wanted.
I also used Allen & Roth beadboard wallpaper that I picked up at Lowes for $20
as well as some Zinsser 1-2-3 primer.
 So, I started by sanding all the patches, measuring how high I wanted the wallpaper to go. 
 I then removed the sink and the top of the toilet (MUCH easier to wallpaper with them gone).

I primed where the wallpaper would go then I used some 
Ralph Lauren paint that I had in the garage (sorry the name is faded
put up the wallpaper and presto, what a difference.

 With the toilet and sink back it looks like a completely different bathroom.
The opening next to the mirror was where the old medicine
cabinet was. I'm turning it into a recessed shelf trimmed by a vintage frame : ) 

 Now all I gotta do is put up the trim,
paint the door trim/door and mirror then I can decorate.

(Sorry for the blurry picture)
So much better right?


gail wilson said...

bathroom... so much better! :)

yard sale? oh my gosh! that was a huge success! Happy you moved all that stuff!


Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Your bathroom redo looks amazing! I love what you did to it. What a great and successful garage sale you had!


Anne said...

Your bathroom turned out great!