Sunday, April 1, 2012

What an Honor

What an honor ...

Yesterday, I was out junkin' all day so lil' did I know that my Chest of Drawers
was featured on Roadkill Rescue.

Thank you Beckie SO much for featuring all my hard work.

I'm so happy that I can inspire others to take a chance on 
a piece that may seem like a HUGE challenge. 

I can't wait to show ya some of the junk I found yesterday.

Lastly, since I can't say hey without a picture, here's Mr. Milo
chilling out on this wonderful April Fool's Day

Hope you had a great weekend ~


Anonymous said...

I just wanna say I LOVE your blog and can't stop scrolling through since I found it yesterday! Can't wait to start junkin!!! :)

Anne said...

Mr. Milo is a cutie sitting there.How nice to be featured on another blog.I love that piece you did.Can't wait to see what you find next.