Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just a Day at the Beach

Howdy guys ...

I wanted to show you something that my 9yr old and I have been working on all week.

Ya see, she's in 4th grade and her class has been studying Florida.

We just finished a HUGE scrapbook all about Florida.
State and local government, authors from Florida, the population ... you get the idea.

Well, Monday she came home with a piece of paper saying that she had
to pick a specific place, person, plant, so on and so on, from Florida
and she had to do either a board, mobile, diorama or a written paper on the topic.

We racked our brain. The last time she had to do anything like that she was 
studying Switzerland and we did a mobile so this time she wanted to do something different.

We decided to do a diorama on Siesta Beach, which has been voted one 
of the top 5 most beautiful beaches in the world. 
If ya never been here, you should visit. It's PURDY !!!!

Luckily, The Hubby had just bought a new pair of tennies so we used the box.

We cut one of the long sides and then painted light blue on the sides and dark blue
on the bottom. Then we coated the front half of the bottom with Elmer's glue and
applied actual sand from Siesta Beach. We built up some sand with the glue and sand.
Then we printed out some pictures I took recently when Kricket and I went to Siesta cut them out and
glued them onto some of the cardboard we had cut from the box leaving some of the cardboard on the bottom to bend back so that we could hot glue it to the box. We glued some cotton for clouds and some sea gulls ...

Here's a joke for ya (one of Kricket's favorite)
Ya know why they're called sea gulls? Cuz if they flew over the bay the would be called bagels.

and some small shells and it's finished. It looks soooo real.

 Oh, she is SO getting an "A" and it was fun to do.

Made her remember the day we spent at the beach : )

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Linda said...

So very nice. It would be fun to do with my 9 year old granddaughter who is in the 4th grade also. It's such a great age, isn't it? Before the crankies happen in the teen years. :)

Best wishes, Linda

gail wilson said...

ohhh how I remember those days of special projects for school.
I love the diorama!