Thursday, October 18, 2012

Movin' Some Stuff Around

Howdy ya'all ...
How's your week coming along?
I LUUVVV that tomorrow is Friday

I MUST say that I'm SO sorry that I haven't posted anything in awhile
My oldest daughter and grandson moved out and got their own apartment 
(I'm SO proud of her)
So I've been moving things around. Converting her room into 
The Hubby's office which I'll be posting about VERY shortly I promise

I shared with some of ya, on my Facebook page,
 the move of my antique shoe rack into my kitchen for some extra storage

I'm storing all my cutting boards and rolling pins in my vintage olive bucket
The HUGE crock holds all our dirty dishtowels and napkins
That way I use a clean dishtowel everyday : )

 Today, I got a wild hair and moved my Mason/Ball jars onto the rack

Then, I decided to move the rack into the room
Ya see, Mr. Vixen (the kitty of the household) FREAKS out whenever I vacuum 
and hides in the window right behind this rack
Therefor, by moving it out, it saves him from knocking anything off a shelf

I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the storage on both sides of the rack
 Can ya tell I REALLY like it?
I have a SUPER small and weird shaped kitchen so any
extra storage is welcomed

 Mr. Vixen did some of his own re-decorating
The fall centerpiece on my coffee table

 Needless to say, there is no more fall centerpiece : (

  I wanted to also leave ya with some cuteness ...

Oh - My - Goooooodness he's a cutie!!!
Can ya believe he's already 7months old?

Whatta' ham ...

So, do you move things around for fall or 
do you wait till it gets closer to the Holidays?

I'm itchin' to just move things ...

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{northern cottage} said...

Ahhh awesome - I just plain ol smitten with that great shelf & you have it displayed so great!!!

Amy Kinser said...

That shelving unit is fabulous!! Love it!!!

Your grandbaby is precious.

pballard said...

Love your kitchen. You got me in the mood to move things around. Have a great weekend. YOur little guy is so sweet..

Kate said...

Its beautiful D
I love it makes me wanna do a switcharoo. Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

nope, I never, ever, ever move anything. ever!
your shelf is fabulous, and the stuff on it looks great.
but oh my gosh!!! that FACE! He is the cutest thing ever! seriously fantastic pics!!

Kathy said...

Love those movin around days...everything looks great.
Just found your blog and "Following " for sure!
Loved looking around here,
xo, Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...
Stop over, Love to have you!

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Love your kitchen and the crock idea for the dirty dishtowels is a great idea!